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Cobra Fire was established to address the needs of emergency responders to fulfil their roles more effectively, efficiently and safely. Understanding the vital importance of emergency services to react quickly to rapidly changing situations, and to ensure the swift containment and suppression of fires, the reaction capability and safety of firefighters remain core to our designs.

Locally manufactured

We develop solutions that are a first to our local market requirements and relevant to the unique African and Middle Eastern environments. Close collaboration between our design engineers and our customers provides us with deep insight into best fit solutions to suit both their requirements and environments, with both online and personal technical support readily available.


Continous R&D remains integral to our success in the firefighting industry. Our design engineers are constantly collaborating with key stakeholders to develop new products to bring to market, including terrain specific solutions for rural environments. We have also invested considerable time in electric-driven firefighting units as part of the global initiative to minimise our carbon footprint.


Our expertise extends to articulated and rigid frame fire tanker units, bush firefighting units, rapid response firefighting vehicles, and Compressed Air Foam Systems (CAFS) units. These CAFS units range from drop-in units customised for Landcruisers and Landrovers, to CAFS golf carts for deployment into residential estates and business parks.

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