Cobra Off-Road Bush Fire Fighting Truck | CobraFire

Custom designed bush firefighting trucks for the mining, civil, industrial, and agricultural sectors. Front and rear ground sweeps, hose reel/s, monitor/cannon, foam tank, and around the pump foam proportioning system.


-  All aluminium superstructure

-  Front and rear ground sweeps

-  Hose reels 50m x 25mm

-  Monitor/water cannon 1,800 - 2,800 lpm

-  Stainless steel foam tank

-  RTP foam proportioning system 1,3 & 1,6%

- Water tank up to 35,000 litre

- Hydraulic driven centrifugal pump to to 3,000 lpm @ 10 bar

- 2 x Handline discharges


- Bullbar and winch

-  Telescopic light mast or integrated scene lights (LED technology)

-  Driver-assist camera system

-  Complete range of fire and rescue equipment

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