Tshukudu CAFS Unit | Cobra Fire cafs, cobracafs, firefighting, fire suppression

This simple to operate CAFS unit utilises pre-set optimal operating modes to reduce fire response time. The multiple operating modes provide the versatility to fight a variety of fires:


  1. CAFS Mode - Wet or Dry CAF
  2. Fire Pump Mode - Water or Foam Solution


The compact design allows the unit to be easily integrated into a new or existing fire-fighting solution. The versatile operating modes provides the most appropriate response to an incident.                             


System Specifications for both Fire Pump & CAFS Operating Models

- Electric start Hatz diesel engine driving screw compressor and Davey

  water pump

- Lightweight alloy frame structure with integrated foam tank and battery box

- Ergonomic and simple operation and control

- BIC Fire hydrant filling point (optional)

- Hose Reel with up to 40m of 1” Hose




- Up to 11m of throw and 8 meters of head (at reef)

- 10:1 expansion ratio for optimal throw

- Higher expansions possible for dry foam as protective blanketing

- Up to 5,000 litres of CAF, 25 minutes spray time (with 500 litre tank)

- Up to 25,000 litres of CAF, 2 hours spray time (with external water supply and

  25 litre foam)



Fire Pump

- Up to 11m of throw and 8 meters of head (at reef)

- Up to 300LPM


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